Halloween 08

ok so i know halloween just passed and its been awhile since...but as ive mentioned before my comp took a shiz on me and totally cashed..so i had to get that fixed...lol

On halloween me and the boo[my bf] spent time with the family and taking all the lil ones of the fam out trick or treating...usually i dont get dressed up for the actual day..i usually do it for adult halloween parties haha...anyways that day i dressed up as frankensteins bride type of thing due to work having a costume contest...and well i wanted to win haha so here's my look for that:

The boo totally bought me some cool contacts...i loved em! im actually thinkin bout wearing them occasionally...haha

The next day we went to a halloween party for my cuzins bf's bday...so since it was after halloween why not make it a themed party right? I live for these type of events so i planned this year out really well and was set out on mastering some specialfx makeup...i would say it wasnt bad for my first time and no experience with it whatsoever..definitely use more practice with it as well..so here's what i did for me and my boo..i was a vampire and he was my victim..(tru right?) haha

and this is my brother he was a gun shot victim

so what do you guys think? comments and feed back welcome
till next time peoples!! toot-a-loo!!


Neeyuh said...

All of the makeup looks so awesome!! I wish I could stuff like that. =)

Daniella said...

Cool, I love it! Loved the vampire couple thing you had going on & the frankenstein's bride was neat too!

Kimberly Tia said...

those contacts look FIERCE on you girl!!! loving your lil bloggy, keep goingggg!!!!