New to Blogging

So this is officially my first post....yess that means i am new to the blogging scene..haha...well..ive been a follower but havent really done much on my own as a bogger..haha

So i figured since i love makeup so much and anything related to beauty and fashion..why not join the beauty bloggin scene...in the mean time ill be trying to get this thing running with pics and product reviews and what not...so please please please if any of you have comments or advice for me on how to get this running..or just want to drop by and welcome me...feel free to...it would be greatly appreciated!!
thanks soo much!
<3>Ps. my comp has been buggin out on me lately...so my net is currently off...but ill be trying my best to do whatever i can


Neeyuh said...

Welcome to the blogger world!! =)

Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog, I really appreciate it!!

LINEA. said...

=] welcome, and your makeup for halloween is so good! haha thats koo that you match so good!

Anissa Marie said...

hi :) my name's anissa, im new to blogging too... your page looks tight though and i like the name of it..
check out my blog, we could help each other out cuz i dont know what the hell im doing!! hahaha... peace!