NYX Haul

On Sunday after spoiling ourselves from a beautiful day on Saturday the BF and i decided to treat my parentals to bfast...we went to a lil diner in our town thats pretty darn good if you ask me its all home cooked food just like mama makes! hehe... and even though im from a lil town in cali this restaurant or "diner" i should say is pretty famous around the area..its been in tons of articles as well and has been visted by many celebrities passin throught the area...

anyways we decided that since we were stuffed like a turkey on thanksgiving..haha.. we should walk our hiney's off instead of moping around at home...we ended up driving to stockton to go to an indoor fleamarket...now i was excited cuz i love to bargain shop and if thats what you want then thats the place to go! haha...i came across a lil booth that sold tons of NYX products from brushes to lipies to concealers..etc...all for cheap too!
well i gave myself a lil budget to spend that day and only ended up buying a few things..i purchased 5 NYX Ultra Pearl Pigments and 5 NYX lip/eye liners..for $2 and $1 dollar each...OMG! what a deal..i shoulda bought more..*sigh*..haha



They both have soft and creamy textures and very pigmented i must say...good product and good price!! hehe
whos tried these? if so did you like them?...cant wait to try them out!


FOTD: Purple

So this was the look i did for my lil trip on saturday with the Boo...i was going for a romantic look with purple

Clinique moisturizing lotion
Smashbox photo finish primer
Mac studio fix concealer NW25
Mac MSF loose powder in Medium

MAC PP "Painterly"- all over
Mac e/s "Phloof"- Inner corner & inner 1/3 of lid/highlight
Mac e/s "hepcat"- Middle of lid
Mac e/s "Nocturnelle"- Crease/ Outer V
Mac e/s "Carbon"- Outer V
Mac Fluidline "Blacktrack"
Covergirl Lash Blast "Black"
Ardell lashes "Lovies"

Mac Blush "Desert Rose"
Mac Blush"Blooming"

Chapstick for Moisture
Mac Lustreglass "Star Nova"

Finish with Mac Fix+ spray
Hope you like...comment for any questions about this look

Anniversary Weekend

Hey everyone!
so another week is ahead of us and we all love mondays right? yea...haha i love weekends and sometimes i wish they never ended especially this weekend! i celebrated my 1yr anniversary with the boo in Monterey, Ca this weeknend! yay us! haha
Anyways the boo took me to the Monterey Bay Aquarium which was soo much fun because we love animals! I swear if i wasnt a Makeup artist i would probably be a marine biologist or something that has to do with animal keeping! haha
The day was beautiful..perfect weather..perfect atmosphere, beautiful beaches and best of all i got to spend it being all lovey dovey with the boo hehe
Here are some pics from our lil trip...enjoy!



I love Jellies..they are soo fascinating

Our view from our dinner table...beautiful right?

The beach at night..so romantic and breath taking..hehe

how was your guys' weekends??
till next time girlies...toot-a-loo!


Halloween 08

ok so i know halloween just passed and its been awhile since...but as ive mentioned before my comp took a shiz on me and totally cashed..so i had to get that fixed...lol

On halloween me and the boo[my bf] spent time with the family and taking all the lil ones of the fam out trick or treating...usually i dont get dressed up for the actual day..i usually do it for adult halloween parties haha...anyways that day i dressed up as frankensteins bride type of thing due to work having a costume contest...and well i wanted to win haha so here's my look for that:

The boo totally bought me some cool contacts...i loved em! im actually thinkin bout wearing them occasionally...haha

The next day we went to a halloween party for my cuzins bf's bday...so since it was after halloween why not make it a themed party right? I live for these type of events so i planned this year out really well and was set out on mastering some specialfx makeup...i would say it wasnt bad for my first time and no experience with it whatsoever..definitely use more practice with it as well..so here's what i did for me and my boo..i was a vampire and he was my victim..(tru right?) haha

and this is my brother he was a gun shot victim

so what do you guys think? comments and feed back welcome
till next time peoples!! toot-a-loo!!


New to Blogging

So this is officially my first post....yess that means i am new to the blogging scene..haha...well..ive been a follower but havent really done much on my own as a bogger..haha

So i figured since i love makeup so much and anything related to beauty and fashion..why not join the beauty bloggin scene...in the mean time ill be trying to get this thing running with pics and product reviews and what not...so please please please if any of you have comments or advice for me on how to get this running..or just want to drop by and welcome me...feel free to...it would be greatly appreciated!!
thanks soo much!
<3>Ps. my comp has been buggin out on me lately...so my net is currently off...but ill be trying my best to do whatever i can