NYX Haul

On Sunday after spoiling ourselves from a beautiful day on Saturday the BF and i decided to treat my parentals to bfast...we went to a lil diner in our town thats pretty darn good if you ask me its all home cooked food just like mama makes! hehe... and even though im from a lil town in cali this restaurant or "diner" i should say is pretty famous around the area..its been in tons of articles as well and has been visted by many celebrities passin throught the area...

anyways we decided that since we were stuffed like a turkey on thanksgiving..haha.. we should walk our hiney's off instead of moping around at home...we ended up driving to stockton to go to an indoor fleamarket...now i was excited cuz i love to bargain shop and if thats what you want then thats the place to go! haha...i came across a lil booth that sold tons of NYX products from brushes to lipies to concealers..etc...all for cheap too!
well i gave myself a lil budget to spend that day and only ended up buying a few things..i purchased 5 NYX Ultra Pearl Pigments and 5 NYX lip/eye liners..for $2 and $1 dollar each...OMG! what a deal..i shoulda bought more..*sigh*..haha



They both have soft and creamy textures and very pigmented i must say...good product and good price!! hehe
whos tried these? if so did you like them?...cant wait to try them out!


Yas said...

NYX! Love those pigments. If you swatch them babe, let me know! I love seeing new colors I haven't tried yet. Thanks for sharing hun!

LINEA. said...

i've been wanting to try the blue one! LUCKY!