Anniversary Weekend

Hey everyone!
so another week is ahead of us and we all love mondays right? yea...haha i love weekends and sometimes i wish they never ended especially this weekend! i celebrated my 1yr anniversary with the boo in Monterey, Ca this weeknend! yay us! haha
Anyways the boo took me to the Monterey Bay Aquarium which was soo much fun because we love animals! I swear if i wasnt a Makeup artist i would probably be a marine biologist or something that has to do with animal keeping! haha
The day was beautiful..perfect weather..perfect atmosphere, beautiful beaches and best of all i got to spend it being all lovey dovey with the boo hehe
Here are some pics from our lil trip...enjoy!



I love Jellies..they are soo fascinating

Our view from our dinner table...beautiful right?

The beach at night..so romantic and breath taking..hehe

how was your guys' weekends??
till next time girlies...toot-a-loo!

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Karott said...

Congratulations on your Anniversary, Claudia. We are so glad that you enjoyed your visit with us here at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. If you come to visit for a birthday, stop by our Information desk to get a birthday button. Wearing one of these during your visit will allow our staff to wish you a Happy Birthday everywhere you go!
~ MBA Guest Opportunities Department